Welcome to the BPTRA

Please be patient with us as we generate site content and get this organization up and running. We will be starting matches at Colorado Rifle Club in Byers, Colorado in 2019. We hope that Competitors, Match Directors and Clubs see what the BPTRA is doing and want to be a part of it. We are an organization that puts competitors first.

About Us


 The purpose of the Black Powder Target Rifle Association is to provide a new governing body for Black Powder Target Rifle shooters to join, so that we may continue the legacy of our historic sport. 


 Safety, fun, fellowship and competition with our peers to determine who the best Black Powder Target Riflemen and Spotters are in competition. 


We welcome new Members, Match Directors and Clubs into the BPTRA. See our rulebook for eligibilty and email us for information on how to obtain a scorebook and becoming a member.

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